Sugar Endocrine
Our Team
Dr. Anish Behl
Consultant Endocrinologist & Diabetologist
The department of endocrinology at Apollo Hospitals Mysore offers a multidisciplinary team of highly dedicated adult and paediatric endocrinologists, nutritionists, nurses, radiologists and biochemists who work together for the diagnostic evaluation and the long-term management of both adult and paediatric patients with disorders of the endocrine system.

We emphasize on a personal approach to care, tailoring each of our specialized treatment programs to the individual needs of the patient. The diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases are guided by laboratory tests. Many diseases are investigated through excitation/stimulation or inhibition/suppression testing. This might involve injection with a stimulating agent to test the function of an endocrine organ. Blood is then sampled to assess the changes of the relevant hormones or metabolites. Every step of the way, treatment is carefully coordinated with patients' referring physicians.