Shoulder Surgery

Apollo Hospitals, India offers advanced treatment for various shoulder disorders, and in fact houses a dedicated Shoulder Surgery Unit at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, India. Some of the shoulder surgeries undertaken at Apollo Hospitals, India are:

Total / Partial Shoulder Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement needs to be done if both sides of the shoulder joints are severely affected by arthritis. In Total Shoulder Replacement, the damaged end of the upper arm bone is replaced by a stem with a metal head. The diseased part of the socket is replaced by a plastic shell in which the metal head sits. In case only one part is affected, partial shoulder replacement can be done.

Shoulder Resurfacing

In Shoulder Resurfacing, the surface of the bony end is made smooth and the diseased part is removed in the process. After this, a metal cap shaped to fit into the socket is fixed on the end of the bone. Bilateral and Revision Shoulder Replacements are also done at Apollo Hospitals, India. Some shoulder surgeries can also be performed using minimally-invasive techniques.