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General Physician
Dr. Sanjeeva Rao Girimaji
Consultant Physician
Dr.Narahari M.G.
Consultant Physician


MBBS,DNB(Gen. Medicine)

Consultant Physician


Dr. Narahari, is a consultant Physician has vast experience in the field of General Medicine.






  • Dr.Narahari has over 15 years of experience in General Medicine.
  • He has served as Professor & consultant at JSS Medical College, Mysuru (2003 – 2016) and as consultant physician and a post graduate teacher at St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru (2000 -2003).
  • He has worked in specialty departments of Cardiology, Nephrology and Emergency Medicine.

Specialty Interest

  • Diabetes Mellitus ,Hypertension
  • Acute care Medicine inclusive of Emergencies
  • Critical care illness and Peri-operative medicine.
  • Infectious diseases
  • Elderly care management

Research & Publications

  • 1. Study of impact of health education on knowledge, attitude and practice related to dengue fever.
  • 2. Evaluation of poison information services provided by a new poison information center.
  • 3. Prospective Monitoring of Adverse Drug Reactions associate with Antiepileptic Drug in a South Indian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital"
  • 4. Drug utilization evaluation of Antiplatelet agents in Medicine department of a South Indian Teaching Hospital
  • 5. Helicobacter pylori associated vitamin B12 deficiency, pernicious anaemia and subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord
  • 6. Rare Case of Non –Small Cell Carcinoma of Lung Presenting as Miliary Mottling
  • 7. Impact of Clinical Pharmacist interventions on cost of drug therapy in ICUs of a Tertiary care teaching hospital.
  • 8. Prospective Monitoring of Adverse Drug Reactions associated with Antiplatelet and Antiepileptic Drugs in a South Indian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
  • 9. Prevalence of medication-related problems among patients with renal compromise in an Indian hospital.
  • 10. Impact of Clinical Pharmacist-Provided Education on Medication Adherence Behaviour in ESRD Patients on Haemodialysis.
  • 11. An assessment of the quality of life in hemodialysis patients using the WHOQOL-BREF questionnaire.
  • 12. Impact of Education on knowledge, attitude, belief and practices in Hemodialysis patients.
  • 13. Medication knowledge of hemodialysis patients and influence of clinical pharmacist provided education on their knowledge.
  • 14. Knowledge of Hemodialysis patients about their medications; influence of clinical pharmacist provided education.
  • 15. Impact of Diabetes on the Risk of Geriatric Conditions. Indian Journal of Pharmacology