Investigative Procedures

Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore offers several specialized investigative procedures for infertility for men and women. Both the partners are expected to come for the first visit wherein a detailed history and previous reports are reviewed.

Investigations for the male

Apart from necessary basic blood and urine examination, semen analysis will be done.

We offer a comprehensive male infertility package which includes FSH, LH, Testosterone levels in blood along with semen analysis that includes acrosome reaction study, sperm survival test and sperm DNA fragmentation index, routine sperm count, morphology and motility.

Although you may have recent semen analysis report available, we require semen analysis to be performed at Apollo Center for Assisted Reproduction in order to assess the possible number of fertilized eggs required.

Our standard Andrology Lab operates on Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 3.30pm. Please make your appointment by calling Apollo Fertility center (Ph-080 26304260) between 8.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Sterile specimen containers are available from Apollo IVF lab.

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Instructions for collecting semen

• Deliver the specimen at your appointment time. Let the scheduler know that the specimen is collected at the time of your appointment so the laboratory will be prepared for the analysis immediately.

• Semen specimens collected at home should be transported to the lab within 45 minutes.

• Before collecting the specimen wash your hands and your genital area with water and dry it with tissue/towel.

• Do not use lubricant or soap to aid in collection as they maybe potentially toxic to sperm.

• The specimen should be kept at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or allow the sample to rise above body temperature during transportation.

• The specimen container should be clearly marked with your name, age and your partner’s name.

• In an attempt to obtain an accurate interpretation of semen quality, please allow 3 days to 5 days abstinence period after intercourse or the last ejaculation.

Note: Try not to sit in hot or spas during three months before the treatment cycle.

Use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or chewing tobacco should be avoided for three months before the treatment cycle.

Investigations for the female

Routine investigations such as CBC, FBS, urine routine, TSH,/ FSH / LH / Prolactin (Day 2 of the cycle), VDRL, Hepatitis B, HIV and Blood grouping and Rubella IgG levels will be done.

The following tests could be done as per the doctor's requisition:

• Serum FSH

• Serum LH

• Serum PRL

• Serum TSH

The above tests are to be done on day 2 or 3 of the menstrual cycle. (First day of the period is counted as Day 1.).

HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)

This is a procedure where X-ray pictures of the uterus (Hystero) and fallopian tubes (Salpingo) are taken. A dye is injected into the uterus and pictures are taken to identify abnormalities in the uterine cavity and the tubes. An alternative method is Sonohystero Salpingogram where ultrasound is used instead of X-ray.

Trans-vaginal Ultra Sonogram

This is done to check for abnormalities in the uterus, tubes and ovaries. This is best done around the 13th day of the cycle. Follicular tracking and monitoring of follicle development in patients who are undergoing treatment with ovulation induction drugs is also done through a trans-vaginal scan.

Laproscopic Hysteroscopy

This is visualization of the interior aspects of the uterus with an endoscope. This helps in:

• Identification of pathology in the uterine cavity

• Release of adhesions inside the uterus

• Resection of fibroid/ polyp which protrudes into the uterine cavity

• Cannulation of uterine end of tube if blocked

• Resection of uterine septum


This is direct visualization of the peritoneal cavity with an endoscope.

This is useful for:

• Visualization of the uterus, tubes, ovaries and structures adjacent to it

• Performing the dye test to check tubal patency

• Operative interventions if necessary

All these investigations will be individualized as per the doctor's decision.