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Surg. Cdr(Dr). Bani Prasad Das
Senior Consultant, Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Sheema Umesh
Consultant Anaesthesia
Dr.Adarsh C.S
Consultant Anaesthesiology
Dr.Girish M
Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist
Dr.Prakash Rao A.S
Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist
Dr.Prakash H K
Consultant Anaesthesiologist
Dr. B.V Arun Kumar
HOD, Department of Anesthesiology

Dr. Prakash H K


Consultant Anaesthesiology


Dr. Prakash H.K. is one of the leading anaesthesiologist in the filed of Trauma and Neuroanethesthesia. He has vast experience in this filed and he is with Apollo Group of Hospitals.




  • Training in Anaesthesia and cardiac anesthesia from Sauhrahastra University.
  • Total experience in Anesthesia and Critical Care 9 years.

Specialty Interest

  • Trauma.
  • Trauma Anaesthesia.
  • Neuroanesthesia.
  • Neuro Critical Care.

Professional Counter

  • Dr. Prakash one of the leading senior Anesthesiologist in the treatment of Neuro and trauma anesthesia. He has vast experience in this filed and is with Apollo Group of Hospitals. His expertise among many includes Anesthesia for Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery, Ventilator care, Invasive Monitoring, Ultrasound ( FAST ), Trauma. Has experience in proceeding anesthesia for intracranial tumour excisions, Cerebrovascular surgeries, pediatric Neurosurgeries, interventional and non invasive Neuro radiology procedures, evaluation of intracranial hematomas, various kinds of spine surgeries such as disscetomy, laminectomy, disc replacement and spinal fusion procedures.
  • He is well versed with Perioperative Neurophyiological monitoring.
  • He is also involved in the Perioperative care of these patients and in managing traumatic brain injuries in the ICU.
  • Experienced in various ICU procedures such as invasive monitoring, Percutaneous tracheotomy Fibre- optic intubations, intercostals drain placement, ventilatory care and in managing difficult airway.
  • Is involved in providing regional and central Neuroxial blocks and perioperative pain management.